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Organized Rides
Every Tuesday & Wednesday night, from daylight savings time in the spring to daylight savings time in the fall, Rydjor hosts group rides. On Tuesday night, the roadies meet at 6pm, depending on time and weather, the rides are 25-35 miles long, mostly of county roads less traveled. In most cases the rides will start out into the wind, so you can take advantage of a nice tail wind on the way back. The road rides are made up of 2 groups, one group of enthusiasts that ride between 11 and 18mph, and a hardcore roadie group that rides between 20 and 27mph. When the ride is over, relax and have a powerade back at the bike shop.

On Wednesday nights, the mountain biking crew meets at the bike shop at 6pm or earlier, depending on sunset, to head to one of the three fun mountain bike areas near Austin; Floyd County,IA; Spring Park in Osage, IA; and East Park in Rochester, MN. Each of these spots has a variety of terrain, fit for all levels of mountain bikers. After the ride, the group usually stops for some grub along the way home. If you are interested in the rides give us a shout at the bike shop at 507-433-7571.
Road Race Anyone?
During the week of the 4th of July for the past 20 years, the Austin Chamber of Commerce and Rydjor Bike Shop have teamed up and sponsored a bike race. It started out as a small local event and through the years has grown. On average, about 75 participants from all over the region enter the race, some for fun, and others for the stiff competition. The race is scheduled for Saturday, July 3 2004. You can e-mail the festival office for registration and event information at
Local Bike/Pedestrian Trail
Austin now has a pedestrian/bike trail located within the city. It takes you from downtown, along the cedar river, through the city, to the Mill Pond, out to Todd Park and the Hormel Nature Center. All fresh blacktop makes this perfect for cycling, running, walking and rollerblading. You can obtain a trail map by contacting the City of Austin at (507)-437-9940, or here at Rydjor Bike Shop. In the map brocure, you can also see the possible trail expansion plans.
Fall Color Tour
On October 5, 2003, Rydjor Bike Shop hosted the "Official High Wheel Fall Color Tour." Dan, the owner of the bike shop, is a member of The Wheelmen, a club of men and women who are dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling. The tour constisted of a 10 mile loop that included some historical points of Austin. Out of the 20 people who participated, 8 of them rode highwheelers. Dan is hoping to make this an annual event. For more information, contact Dan at 507-433-7571.
So what else is going on in Austin?
Austin is the home of the Hormel Foods. Sure,they make all kinds of foods like Black Label Bacon and Dinty Moore Beef Stew, but they are most famous for their SPAM production. You can learn all about the history of SPAM here in Austin at the Spam Museum. Sources say this is the 2nd largest attraction in Minnesota next to the Mall Of America. Admission to the attraction is free, so if you are in the area, you'll have to stop by and tour the facility. For more info, you can call 1-800-588-7726.
Looking for fine dining?
The Old Mill Restaraunt is located next to Ramsey Dam on the Cedar River in north Austin. The Old Mill purchases only the best food available to make sure you have a great dining experience. The atmosphere is outstanding with the water breaking over the top of the dam just outside the window. The staff at Rydjor Bike agrees that the food at the Old Mill is the best around. To make a reservation, call them at 507-437-2076.

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