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1981 Lotus Super Pro Aero
Prior to mountain bikes coming on the scene, bicycle manufacturers tried to revitalize the market with aerodynamics. This bike had a lot of "firsts," but wasn't very well received at the time. Along with the aero frame tubing, this model has the Shimano Dura-ace AX group which had the first aero brake levers(no cable coming out of the top of the lever). The rear derailleur has a "notched" system which was a forerunner to index shifting. It handles the seven rear cogs(also a first). Almost every component on the bicycle is aerodynamic including the V-sections rims, the brake calipers(used by Lance Armstrong in the 2000 Tour De France), the water bottle, the handlebars and even the hubs are machined to let the bladed spoke heads all face the same direction.

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