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1976 Austro Daimler
The 1976 Vent Noir was made by Austro Daimler Puch of Austria. This company sold bikes under two namesake brands, Austro Daimler and Puch, the former representing the high to mid-level models. This company also sold Puch mopeds and several brands of automobiles under license from Daimler-Benz. This particular bicycle features Reynolds 531 tubing throughout, Bocama lugs, and Shimano dropouts. It also features the Dura-Ace grouppo which was introduced in 1973 as Shimano's offering for world-class racing. It features the Crane rear derailleur, Dura-Ace cranks with drilled 53/42 chainrings, and a black finish that was in contrast to the look of Campagnolo's offerings at the time.

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