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1941 Swiss Army Courier
This bicycle was built in Switzerland in 1941. It's equipped with a great collection of bags and accessories. The frame bag was made to carry documents and so is sealed and sewn to last a lifetime. The bell, rear wheel lock, frame pump and other bags are also indestructible. It has a front wheel mounted generator that is wired through the rear fender to the tailight. Although it weighs in at 60 lbs., it rides lighter than you might expect. This basic style/spec was first produced in 1905 and always featured the Torpedo hub which was produced by the (then West) German company Sachs. The hubs on this bike are commemorative models celebrating the 50 millionth Torpedo hub. Interestingly, the Torpedo hub was in production from 1904 until 1991 when the Swiss Army, then the last major Torpedo customer, began using derailleur-equipped bikes.

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